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    FTP Today vs. ExaVault: A Comparison for Secure File Exchange

    Finding a secure file sharing solution that is right for your company means... Read More
    Product Update

    Review of Software Updates and New Features from 2018

    Our team has made a ton of product updates over the last year, so it's easy to... Read More
    Product Update

    Upcoming SSL Cipher Strength Settings Distribution

    FTP Today has updated all its HTTPS settings to limit the choice of SSL... Read More
    Product Update

    Administration & File Transfer Integrated into one Web App

    All servers and all customers have been updated to our latest version that... Read More
    Product Update

    Workshop Recap: Admin Day 1 - Setting Up Your System Defaults

    FTP Today recently launched a major update where you can now configure all of... Read More
    Product Update

    Workshop Recap: How to Customize the Branding of the Web App

    In our recent workshop, Custom Branding Colors, I walked customers through how... Read More
    Product Update

    Workshop Recap: New File Sharing Features - InfiniShare

    In a recently conducted online webinar titled "File Sharing: Introducing...... Read More
    Product Update

    Introducing InfiniShare - File Sharing with Non-users

    Yesterday, September 15, 2016 we held a webinar to introduce our new file... Read More
    Product Update

    FTP Today Ends Support for Outdated Internet Explorer Versions

    As of January 12, 2016, MIcrosoft formally dropped support for all versions of... Read More
    Product Update

    Workshop Recap: WebApp 2.0

    In a recent online workshop titled "WebApp 2.0 Launch Preview" that was... Read More