Securing the Trust of Healthcare

    HIPAA Compliance Enablement
    Made Easy

    We standout as an exceptional platform for securely exchanging sensitive healthcare information while maintaining compliance with HIPAA regulations. With our robust features and user-friendly interface, Sharetru provides healthcare professionals and organizations with a seamless and reliable file-sharing experience.

    Keep Protected Health Information Secure

    Sharetru helps you meet and maintain compliance with HIPAA by providing you with safeguards in these control areas:
      • Access control
      • Audit control
      • Data integrity
      • Person or entity authentication
      • Transmission security

    Sharetru prioritizes data security and privacy, which are paramount in the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations understand the critical importance of protecting patient information, and Sharetru aligns perfectly with these values.

    Our platform utilizes state-of-the-art encryption and advanced security protocols, ensuring that all files are safeguarded throughout the sharing process. This level of security is vital for maintaining HIPAA-compliance and instilling trust among healthcare providers and patients alike.

    HIPAA Compliance: The Big Picture

    Let's get down to the brass tacks: meeting HIPAA is no small feat. It's a big deal and if you're in the healthcare business, it's your deal. Ensuring you're compliant is less about ticking boxes and more about showing genuine care for your patients' data. Their trust isn't just a feather in your cap -- it's a requirement.

    Physical Security

    Platform security often gets the spotlight, and rightly so. But if you're only looking there, you're missing half the picture. Without physical security measures, your data is like a house with an alarm system, but the front door is wide open. We're talking about safeguarding the actual, tangible hardware that stores, transmits, and accesses electronic protected health information (ePHI). Things datacenter and root access controls - these are your security guard, your lock and key, your 24/7 surveillance system. That's why HIPAA asks for it, and that's why you need it.

    Sharetru provides it with SOC 2 Type II certifications at all levels, and a datacenter and platform compliance regimen that goes beyond HIPAA.

    Technical Security

    There's an ocean of technical safeguards required by HIPAA, and it's the key to keeping your patient data safe and your business thriving.

    HIPAA doesn't just hand out suggestions; it lays down the law, especially when it comes to technical safeguards. We're talking secure user authentication like MFA, data encryption, and access privileges. In a world where data is the new gold, these safeguards are your Fort Knox. They're what stands between your patient's data and a hacker's hands. They're what ensures your data stays as private expected, even in this vast digital world.

    Sharetru is a Swiss army knife of technical safeguards for HIPAA compliant file sharing and transfer. It's your one-stop-shop, that ensures your HIPAA compliance isn't just a promise, but a reality. So, when it comes to technical security, Sharetru is your best option for secure, HIPAA-compliant, file transfer.

    Administrative Security

    Administrative security is all about policies, procedures, and the people who make them happen. It's about having the right people in the right place at the right time, making the right decisions. You can have the strongest castle walls in the world, but if the gatekeeper isn't doing their job, you're inviting trouble.

    That's why HIPAA has rules about this. They're ensuring your gatekeeper is on point, your procedures are airtight, and your policies are as strong. It's about risk analysis, management, and contingency plans. It's about making sure your house is in order so you can protect the treasures inside - your patients' data.

    Why Sharetru for administrative security? Because it's not just about having rules; it's about making them work. It's about building a strong, secure, and efficient system that keeps your data safe. With delineated responsibilities and administrator roles, Sharetru isn't just your best bet for HIPAA compliance, it's your secret weapon.

    Sharetru is built on a Foundation
    of Security & Compliance

    Leave the heavy lifting to us. Our platform enables you to meet or exceed the standards of the major regulatory frameworks like HIPAA, keeping your data safe and enabling your organization’s compliance.

    ShareTru Icons-Access Controls
    Access Control Unique User Identification Assign each of your users a unique name or number to identify and track their identity through logs and actions. Our platform makes this a breeze with plans for unlimited users so you’re not worried about per-user costs as your organization grows.
    ShareTru Icons-Emergency Access Procedure
    Access Control Emergency Access Procedure

    Rest easy knowing that all of your data is backed up daily to an off-site geolocation. Emergencies won’t stand in your way when you need to obtain electronic protected health information.  

    Access Control Automatic Logoff You can relax when it comes to idle connections. All inactive sessions are automatically terminated within a maximum of 15 minutes to minimize the possibility of unauthorized access.
    ShareTru Icons-Encryption and Decryption
    Access Control Encryption and Decryption Take advantage of both at-rest and in-transit encryption to ensure maximum security for your data. Your users can also use their own encryption, like PGP, on files before sharing them.
    ShareTru Icons-Detailed Activity Logs
    Audit Controls Detailed Activity Logs

    Oversee the ongoing history of all your site’s activity in minute detail with comprehensive activity logs that are neatly stowed away in files that don’t count against your storage quota.

    ShareTru Icons-Checksum Verification
    Data Integrity Checksum Verification

    Detect data corruption errors before they become issues. SFTP protocol provides checksum verification to automatically check your data integrity so you can be sure of its accuracy and consistency.

    ShareTru Icons-Person or Entity Authentication
    Person or Entity Authentication Multiple Authentication Options

    Verify your users with either a password or an SSH key, or get the added protection of multi-factor (OTP) authentication and IP address restrictions when you opt for our Performance or Enterprise plans.

    ShareTru Icons-Integrity Controls
    Transmission Security Integrity Controls

    Ensure that all electronic protected health information in your care is protected by either SSL (TLS 1.2) or SSH2 encryption to prevent it from being improperly modified before disposal.

    ShareTru Icons-Encryption
    Transmission Security Encryption

    Enforce the use of encrypted transmission among your users when they’re sharing electronic protected health information, and whenever else you deem appropriate for your data’s security.

    The Golden Ticket of HIPAA Compliance

    BAA at a Cost-Effective Price

    Why is this valuable? Because time is money, and Sharetru saves you both. They've got a ready-to-go BAA that's been thoroughly vetted and ticks all the HIPAA boxes. It's not just about saving you the hassle of drafting an agreement or the cost of hiring a lawyer to do it. It's about giving you a ready-made, foolproof path to HIPAA compliance.

    This low-cost BAA isn't just valuable; it's a game-changer. It means that small practices can afford the same level of protection as the big hospitals. It's leveling the compliant file transfer playing field, making HIPAA compliance accessible for all.

    With Sharetru, it's not just about a low-cost BAA. It's about high value. It's about making HIPAA compliant file transfer and sharing smooth sailing for your organization. It's about ensuring that your journey to compliance isn't just affordable, it's practical.

    In the healthcare dance, a Business Associate Agreement is the required rhythm that keeps you moving in sync. It defines responsibilities, sets expectations, and outlines just how your Business Associate (like your EHR provider or cloud storage provider) will protect your patient data. It's the rules of the road for everyone involved in handling your sensitive data, ensuring that no one's veering off course.

    Sharetru has such confidence in our security, we provide a BAA for signature at a cost that won't make procurement wince. Time is money, and Sharetru saves you both. We have a ready-to-go BAA on our Advanced Security and Compliance platform that's been thoroughly vetted and ticks all the HIPAA boxes. It's not just about saving you the hassle of drafting an agreement or the cost of hiring a lawyer to do it. It's about giving you a ready-made, foolproof path to HIPAA compliant file sharing


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