HIPAA Compliance Enablement Made Easy

    Following the regulatory compliance controls that healthcare providers and contractors must fulfill has never been this easy. Our platform has the required protections built-in, so you don’t have to endure lengthy configuration processes or rely on users to stay compliant.

    Keep Protected Health Information Secure

    To maintain compliance with HIPAA, you need safeguards in these control areas:
      • Access control
      • Audit control
      • Data integrity
      • Person or entity authentication
      • Transmission security

    Since 2001, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has governed the use and disclosure of individually identifiable Protected Health Information (PHI). All healthcare providers and any of their contractors who electronically transmit PHI are subject to the requirements of this rule. With our platform, you can be sure your electronic storage and transmission of PHI data remains HIPAA compliant. 

    Built on a Foundation of Security & Compliance

    Leave the heavy lifting to us. Our platform enables you to meet or exceed the standards of the major regulatory frameworks like HIPAA, keeping your data safe and enabling your organization’s compliance.

    ShareTru Icons_Access Controls
    Access Control Unique User Identification Assign each of your users a unique name or number to identify and track their identity through logs and actions. Our platform makes this a breeze with plans for unlimited users so you’re not worried about per-user costs as your organization grows.
    ShareTru Icons_Emergency Access Procedure
    Access Control Emergency Access Procedure

    Rest easy knowing that all of your data is backed up daily to an off-site geolocation. Emergencies won’t stand in your way when you need to obtain electronic protected health information.  

    Access Control Automatic Logoff You can relax when it comes to idle connections. All inactive sessions are automatically terminated within a maximum of 15 minutes to minimize the possibility of unauthorized access.
    ShareTru Icons_Encryption and Decryption
    Access Control Encryption and Decryption Take advantage of both at-rest and in-transit encryption to ensure maximum security for your data. Your users can also use their own encryption, like PGP, on files before sharing them.
    ShareTru Icons_Detailed Activity Logs
    Audit Controls Detailed Activity Logs

    Oversee the ongoing history of all your site’s activity in minute detail with comprehensive activity logs that are neatly stowed away in files that don’t count against your storage quota.

    ShareTru Icons_Checksum Verification
    Data Integrity Checksum Verification

    Detect data corruption errors before they become issues. SFTP protocol provides checksum verification to automatically check your data integrity so you can be sure of its accuracy and consistency.

    ShareTru Icons_Person or Entity Authentication
    Person or Entity Authentication Multiple Authentication Options

    Verify your users with either a password or an SSH key, or get the added protection of multi-factor (OTP) authentication and IP address restrictions when you opt for our Performance or Enterprise plans.

    ShareTru Icons_Integrity Controls
    Transmission Security Integrity Controls

    Ensure that all electronic protected health information in your care is protected by either SSL (TLS 1.2) or SSH2 encryption to prevent it from being improperly modified before disposal.

    ShareTru Icons_Encryption
    Transmission Security Encryption

    Enforce the use of encrypted transmission among your users when they’re sharing electronic protected health information, and whenever else you deem appropriate for your data’s security.

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    Manage Your Risk to Protect Sensitive Data

    Stay HIPAA-compliant with a bundle of configurable features like:
      • SSO integration for identity management
      • Immutable file and admin logs
      • Data encryption at-rest and in-transit
      • Virus and malware scanning
      • Multi-factor authentication for all users
      • Folder level permissions and file retention controls
      • User level permissions for secure file sharing
      • And more

    Compliance with HIPAA has never been more crucial for companies handling PHI. Not only do its rigorous requirements help protect sensitive data, but your organization could face major non-compliance consequences like heavy fines or even jail time if it doesn’t abide by HIPAA regulations. That’s why our BAA is custom-crafted by some of the same attorneys who wrote the regulations. 

    Take the guesswork out of HIPAA compliance by entrusting the job to the experts in secure file sharing.

    HIPAA Compliance: The Big Picture

    Building and maintaining a HIPAA-compliant platform for storing and sharing files is complicated, but our HIPAA-compliant file sharing meets all categories of security: physical, technical, and administrative.

    Physical Security

    HIPAA requirements that cover physical safeguards, as well as infrastructure security and administration requirements, are all met by our datacenter partners' SSAE 18 (SOC 2 Type II) certification

    Technical Security

    The extensive technical safeguards required by HIPAA include access controls for administrators, tight controls over user authentication, data encryption at rest, and more — all of which are provided on our platform.

    Administrative Security

    Administrative safeguards include the policies, procedures, and actions implemented by us and our Cloud Service Providers to support managing and maintaining HIPAA-protected information on our platform


    See Our Platform In Action

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