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    Secure File Sharing

    At Sharetru, we're not just about file sharing. We're about creating a future where businesses can share and transfer files without the looming fear of data breaches or compliance violations. We're about developing cutting-edge technology that safeguards the integrity of your business communication, no matter how complex.

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    We're the Originals in Cloud File Transfer

    "Remember when sharing files online felt like a roll of the dice? We do. That's why in 2001, we stepped up to become one of the first companies globally to offer secure file sharing in the cloud via FTP and SFTP. Today, we're still leading the charge -- albeit with an expanded platform -- constantly innovating to help people share with confidence."

    - Martin Horan, Founder

    Unveiling the Core Purpose Behind Our Motivation

    At Sharetru, our mission is to simplify and secure file sharing and transfer for companies, empowering them to confidently collaborate and exchange information. We are dedicated to ensuring that businesses of all sizes can streamline their workflows and meet compliance standards with ease. With our exceptional expertise and unwavering support, we enable our customers to focus on what they do best while entrusting their file sharing needs to a trusted partner.

    Our Mission: Simplify and Secure Your File Sharing

    We're not just aiming to change the way companies share and transfer files. We're aiming to be the industry leader known for unmatched security, compliance, and efficiency. We're constantly innovating to meet your evolving needs and deliver exceptional expertise and support. With Sharetru, you can confidently embrace the future, knowing your files are in safe hands.

    Our Vision: Revolutionize the Way You Share Files

    Building On Decades of Innovation

    We're Leaders in Our Field

    Built and hosted entirely within the United States, our private cloud-based platform is trusted by hundreds of organizations in:

    Trusted by hundreds of organizations in aerospace, defense, government, healthcare, financial services, IT, manufacturing, and engineering, our agile cloud-based platform is designed to store and transfer files securely and in compliance with all regulations. We're your digital safety deposit box and secure courier, making it simple for you to keep your data safe and stay compliant.

    Our Journey: From FTP Today to Sharetru

    Our Values: Security, Agility, Efficiency

    We're all about surpassing security, unparalleled agility, and outstanding efficiency. We're committed to providing a seamless experience for your mission-critical workflows, freeing up your schedule, and delivering rewarding business results.

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    Surpassing Security

    Security is our specialty. Our platform is among the most secure methods of file transfer available, serving aerospace, defense, and government in addition to any organization seeking a secure way to transfer files online.

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    Unparalleled Agility

    We’ve been innovating for decades to supply exactly what our clients need without complication. Continuous adaptation and allowing our partners to influence our development roadmap keeps us at the forefront of our field of work, giving you a nimble solution that’s constantly improving.

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    Outstanding Efficiency

    Sharing files securely and compliantly should be a seamless experience, especially for your mission-critical workflows. Our solution streamlines data transfer to free up your schedule and deliver rewarding business results.

    Hear From Our Trusted Clients

    We have been using ftp today since 2011. We love that it keeps us HIPAA compliant, is easy to use, allows us to setup client specific log in, and a host of other feature and functionality. Not only have we been using it for years, we have recommended it to our healthcare clients. When recommending products and services, we are careful to only recommend products and services by reputable companies like ftp Today. We would highly recommend them for sftp and ftp services.

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