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    File Sharing

    Dive into a seamless experience where speed meets security. Sharetru is more than a platform; it's a promise of trust, efficiency, and unparalleled compliance for businesses across diverse sectors.

    Ensure Your Security

    Our private cloud-based platform is the perfect solution for any organization that needs fast, secure file sharing that meets common regulatory compliance frameworks for must industries, including:

    • Management consulting and professional services
    • Architecture, engineering, and construction firms
    • Educational institutions
    • Energy and utility companies
    • Consumer goods and entertainment
    • Information processors
    • Legal and legal services
    Industries of all kinds — architecture, retail, publishing, construction, and more — need secure file sharing. As a U.S.-based company with decades of experience in secure file sharing for business, Sharetru works for any industry that demands tight data protections. With our private cloud-based platform, you can customize your experience with a suite of industry-leading security features to deploy as you see fit. Lean on our responsive support team to answer any questions that arise while you’re developing your implementation plan. 

    Trusted Across Industries

    Join our growing list of satisfied clients who’ve placed their trust in our secure solutions. We support business-to-business workflows with pinnacle data security and exceptional service.

    “Sharetru provides competitive, cutting-edge services on a highly reliable platform. They improve our ability to provide our clients with reliability and robust security we trust. We have depended on them for many years now. Working with Sharetru is efficient and effective. We have never had an issue and our clients are very satisfied with the platform.”

    Revenue Management Services

    Store and Share Sensitive Data With Ease

    Sharetru empowers you to share loads of confidential information quickly and in compliance with:

    Streamline your file transfers with a secure, accessible solution designed to meet and exceed the cybersecurity requirements that many organizations across a range of industries must account for. Our customers enjoy a simple pricing model that lets them control user costs and share more files on our intuitive, private cloud-based platform without any extra per-seat charges. It’s time to accelerate your business processes with smooth, easy file sharing while upholding the standards of the major security and compliance frameworks.

    Helpful Features for a Range of Industries

    Experience a greater level of security, compatibility, and ease of use with features that make our platform the go-to choice for organizations in a wide variety of industries.


    Elevate Your File Sharing Standards

    Whether you need to store files safely in our private cloud or securely transfer loads of data in compliance with major security frameworks, our platform provides fast, secure, and easy file sharing no matter what industry you’re in. Book a demo today to see what Sharetru can do for your file sharing needs.

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