Manufacturing & Engineering

    Fast, Easy File Sharing for Manufacturers and Engineers

    Safely share designs and blueprints through our secure file transfer platform that encrypts your data end-to-end. Rest easy with disaster recovery and daily backups in the event something ever gets lost.

    Ensure Security and Compliance With Changing Standards

    Our platform enables your compliance with CMMC, NIST SP 800-171, ITAR, FIPS 140-2, and other cybersecurity frameworks that apply to file sharing in many industries both inside and outside the Defense Industrial Base. It also enables you to:

    • Quickly trace files and folders to see who’s sending, receiving, and downloading them — and more.
    • Easily ensure the right people can always access the information they need, when they need it.
    • Safely store training and repair manuals, production information, and other sensitive documents.
    • Feel confident in your data’s security within FedRAMP Moderate Equivalent SaaS supported by FedRAMP Moderate Authorized IaaS and PaaS.

    Any compromising of proprietary data or failure to meet key industry standards can damage more than just your organization's reputation. That’s why engineers, construction companies, and manufacturers need a foolproof platform to quickly and securely share CAD drawings, product designs, and patented material in large volumes. On top of that, proper controls must be in place to ensure your compliance with evolving regulatory frameworks.

    With Sharetru, you’ve got it all. Smooth and simple file sharing is within easy reach of engineering firms and manufacturers that need to meet the high cybersecurity standards of their industries. Ensure confidentiality with a secure file transfer solution that gives you everything you need to share proprietary information with confidence. 

    Trusted by Industry-Leading Engineers and Manufacturers

    Join our growing list of satisfied clients who’ve placed their trust in our dependable solutions. We support internal and external workflows with superior data security and exceptional service.

    The US has some of the most challenging regulations to satisfy and I’ve been able to ensure global compliance for my organization utilizing Sharetru’s Advanced Security & Compliance platform, without breaking the bank!

    Mike Clarence, Senior PLC | Operations Security Manager

    Industry - Manufacturing LIfesty

    Security and Simplicity for Your Clients

    Get the best in security and simplicity with a file sharing solution designed specifically for the manufacturing and engineering industry. Our private cloud-based platform empowers you with flexible control options and defends your files with robust security features. We help you confidently store and transfer proprietary information through the cloud, encrypting your data at rest and in transit. Administrative controls enable you to set parameters to ensure ongoing compliance.

    Helpful Platform Features for Manufacturers and Engineers

    Experience a greater level of security, compatibility, and ease of use with features that make our platform the go-to choice in the M&E industry.


    See How Our Platform Can Work For You

    Whether your organization is a united front in taking on cyber threats or you’re leading the charge for threat prevention, Sharetru’s file sharing platform has something for everyone. Book a demo today to see what Sharetru can do for your M&E file sharing needs.

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