July 21, 2016

    6 Ways FTP Sites Benefit Construction and Engineering Companies

    Construction and engineering companies have significant file sharing needs that just aren't being met by traditional providers. These companies need to be able to share critical design data with their sub consultants, their customers and more WITHOUT the use of a complicated Web-based document. There are a number of compelling reasons why many companies in the construction and engineering sectors are turning to FTP providers like Sharetru to meet these needs in the best way possible.

    How Construction and Engineering Companies Benefit from FTP Sites

    1. It Provides a Great Place to Store Large Files

    Sharing files via email usually requires you to contend with a 25MB file size limit. What happens if you need to store a file that is several gigabytes in size? With the right FTP site for construction company clients, file size won't be a concern any longer.

    2. It Removes User Error From the Equation

    Another one of the major FTP site benefits is that it prevents users from accidentally sending large files or files of critical importance to the wrong person, dramatically increasing security across the board. It's far too easy to accidentally send an email to the wrong recipient, at which point you may have accidentally exposed your entire organization to harm and there's nothing you can do about it.

    3. It Works the Way You Need It To

    One feature of FTP sites construction companies will love is the ability to easily integrate it into their existing workflows. Processes can be put in place to automate the transfer of large files, saving time and freeing up human resources to focus on bigger and more important tasks.

    4. Notifications

    Another one of the many benefits inherent in FTP sites engineering customers in particular will love is the ability to send notifications to assigned people when necessary. If you send a file to a client for approval, you don't have to wait around for them to notice it - they'll automatically get an email notification letting them know that a new file has been transferred.

    5. Compatibility

    Certain critics of FTP sites make the argument that it ISN'T a good fit for construction and engineering companies because it essentially creates a "walled garden" and isn't compatible with some of their existing systems. This couldn't be farther from the truth, as FTP sites like Sharetru are natively compatible with many different types of protocols including HTTPS, FTPS implicit, SFTP multi-user, SFTP with key authentication and more.

    6. It's Just More Professional

    Another criticism often lobbied at FTP sites is that it is too technical for most people to use and gives off a cold, calculated impression of a business. This is also incorrect, as not only is there a very small learning curve when dealing with something like a Web-based interface, but it's also possible to brand an FTP site for engineering company or construction company clients by placing elements like their logo right on the main page.

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