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    Aid national security by meeting essential data security standards. If you’re part of the supply chain for defense articles, or even just handling defense-related technical data, our platform enables fast, easy file sharing that’s ITAR-compliant.

    Be Confident in Your ITAR Compliance

    The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) are a set of U.S. government regulations that control the export and import of defense-related articles and services on the U.S. Munitions List (USML) and related technical data.

    ITAR requires that items listed on the USML only be shared with U.S. persons  (EAR Part 772 and ITAR 120.15) unless there are any special authorizations or exemptions. Compliance with ITAR is focused on ensuring that technical data is not inadvertently distributed to foreign persons or foreign nations.

    Sharetru helps government contractors and subcontractors meet ITAR requirements not only by providing a compliant infrastructure and platform, but also by providing the right software controls to enhance compliance.

    No formal process exists to become ITAR-certified, but companies exporting items on the USML must still understand and comply with this after becoming ITAR registered. At Sharetru, all of our clients’ data resides in the U.S. and all of our employees are U.S. citizens. This helps your organization stay ITAR-compliant while safeguarding your sensitive information.

    Know the ITAR Guidelines

    Your data is safe in our private cloud-based platform that supports easy compliance with complex and demanding security frameworks. ITAR guidelines apply in four key areas: access controls, system management, data transmission, and software and systems.

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    Access Controls System Access Restrict system access based on IP address or country. You can also set permissions and monitor all access to our platform, leveraging detailed activity logs that can be readily viewed to determine who’s accessing your system and for what purpose.
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    System Management Minimize Data Breaches Detect breaches and keep data safe with firewalls, multi-factor authentication, account lockout policies, and more. You don’t have to worry about undetected breaches with our platform’s automated Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems.
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    Transmission of Data Encode for Protection Encrypt all ITAR-related data using FIPS 140-2 cryptographic modules for encryption in transit and AES-256 for at-rest encryption. Admins can also set controls to prevent employees from transferring files over unencrypted channels.
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    Executable Software on Shared Systems Ensure Data Security Maximize security at the infrastructure, platform, and software levels with isolated directories that are protected by strict access permissions. Preserve immutable audit logs for as long as you need to ensure the security of your data.

    Adhere to Critical Standards

    Our platform enables you to block IP addresses from any country outside the U.S. with our country access controls, as well as limit folder access to only U.S. citizens for folders that hold ITAR-related data. You can also grant access exclusively to selected IP address ranges, keeping people who shouldn’t have access out of the system.

    We maintain 100% of our ITAR-enabled cloud services in a U.S. data center staffed only by U.S. citizens, and our disaster recovery facility is far away and follows the same standards. If you’re looking for an ITAR-compliant file-sharing solution, you can be assured any user information that’s on the USML is always managed and maintained by U.S. citizens at all times, making Sharetru your trusted ally in data security.

    Staying compliant with ITAR provides a defense for your organization against penalties, legal complications, and lost contracts. Having your own ITAR registration may also give your company a competitive advantage if you maintain the security requirements. 

    The penalties levied on organizations that violate ITAR are considerable. Civil and criminal violations can each result in fines of more than $1 million in addition to debarment for civil and disbarment for criminal judgments. Prison terms of up to 20 years may also result from criminal liability. 

    With Sharetru, you can store and transfer data quickly, easily, and safely within ITAR requirements.


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