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    Aid national security by meeting essential data security standards. Sharetru has been meticulously designed with a laser focus on meeting and surpassing ITAR compliance requirements for file sharing

    ITAR Compliant File Sharing:
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    We're not just about ticking boxes. We're about going above and beyond. Our security, comprehensive audit trail functionality, robust access controls, and user-friendly interface make Sharetru the go-to choice for organizations dealing with sensitive defense-related information.

    With Sharetru, you're not just complying with ITAR regulations. You're choosing a partner that's dedicated to continuous improvement to build a file transfer platform for the future. Don't settle for anything less. Choose Sharetru and experience excellence in ITAR compliance.


    ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) is a set of stringent regulations governing the export and transfer of defense-related information. With Sharetru, you can rest assured knowing that your sensitive files will be handled with the utmost security and compliance.

    We boast industry benchmark encryption protocols, ensuring that your data remains impervious to unauthorized access or interception.  Security is non-negotiable when it comes to sensitive information, and Sharetru delivers on that front with unwavering commitment.

    U.S. Company with a U.S. Team

    Built Here and
    Staffed Here

    When it comes to ITAR compliance, Sharetru is your unwavering ally. All data governed by the United States Munitions List (USML) is diligently maintained exclusively by U.S. citizens - including datacenter, support, development. is comprised solely of highly qualified U.S. citizens. With Sharetru, you can place your trust in our unwavering commitment to data security and hiring practices, making us the perfect choice for your ITAR-compliant file-sharing needs

    U.S. Based Datacenters

    Uncompromising Commitment

    We take the utmost care in safeguarding your data, so we've made the commitment to ensuring that 100% of our ITAR-enabled cloud services are hosted within a FedRAMP Authorized U.S. data center. Our team at the data center comprises solely of highly qualified U.S. citizens, guaranteeing the integrity and confidentiality of your information. Even in the face of unforeseen circumstances, our disaster recovery facility adheres to the same stringent standards and is located at a considerable distance.

    Your ITAR Shield

    We've built our platform to make ITAR compliance as easy as possible. From defining user roles and granular permissions to restricting access based on IP address or country, Sharetru empowers you to establish a robust and secure access control framework.

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    Access Controls System Access From defining user roles and granular permissions for specified users, to restricting access based on IP address or country, Sharetru empowers you to establish a robust and secure access control framework
    ShareTru Icons_Monitor data practices
    Transmission of Data Encode for Protection Encrypt all ITAR-related data using FIPS 140-2 cryptographic modules for encryption in transit and AES-256 for at-rest encryption. Admins can also set controls to prevent employees from transferring files over unencrypted channels.
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    Executable Software on Shared Systems Ensure Data Security Maximize security at the infrastructure, platform, and software levels with isolated directories that are protected by strict access permissions. Preserve immutable audit logs for as long as you need to ensure the security of your data.
    Auditing and Accountability Permanent Logging

    Your ticket to demonstrating due diligence, adherence to protocols, and mitigating any potential liabilities.Pinpoint the root cause of issues swiftly and accurately, saving you time, and headaches. When something goes wrong, you don't have to engage in wild goose chases or rely on unreliable recollections.

    Large File Transfer Capacity Easily Share Files no matter the size

    With no limits on the size of the files that can be transferred through our platform, we reduce your reliance on physical media and email for timely transfers of ITAR related materials.

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    ShareTru Icons_Encrypt sensitive information
    Multi-Factor Authentication Protect Against Credential Theft

    If you're aiming for ITAR compliance, MFA is a crucial feature since it provides an added level of data protection, ensuring that only users with authorized access can view or modify restricted data.

    ShareTru Icons_Mitigate security risks
    Advanced Security Measures Mitigate Cyber Threats

    Sharetru employs advanced network security such as Intrusion Detection Systems, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Dedicated Firewalls, and virus and malware protection in a FedRAMP Moderate Authorized Datacenter to ensure you''re protecting ITAR-controlled information where it's stored and when it's transmitted.


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