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    Secure File Sharing for the IT Industry

    You never want to be the company going viral in the news for a data breach. With Sharetru, there’s no need to worry. Our security mechanisms built into our SaaS and foolproof compliance standards make sure of it.

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    Why We’re the Right Choice for IT Security Needs

    Here at Sharetru, we’re always looking to improve. Whether through user recommendations to our roadmap or keeping up with the latest software updates, we prioritize building security features and meeting compliance benchmarks. In an industry that champions innovation, we’re staying proactive so our customers don’t have to worry about falling behind.

    Trusted by Tech Pros Everywhere

    Join our growing list of satisfied clients who’ve placed their trust in our file sharing solutions. We support business-to-business workflows with pinnacle data security and exceptional service.

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    Prioritizing Safe Access for All Platform Users

    Our purpose-built platform provides robust administrative settings that provide uninhibited visibility and control options for all users. Users from different departments may not have the same level of care or understanding regarding security, but admin controls are able to set parameters to continuously ensure compliance.

    File Sharing Features for IT Professionals

    Experience a greater level of security, compatibility, and ease of use with features that make our platform the go-to choice in the IT industry.


    Take Your IT File Sharing Standards to the Next Level

    Whether your organization is a united front in taking on cyber threats or you’re the one leading the charge for threat prevention, Sharetru’s file sharing platform has something for everyone. Book a demo today to see what Sharetru can do for your IT file sharing needs.

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