August 6, 2015

    DropBox or Google Drive File Sharing Can Cost Healthcare Companies

    File sharing services like Dropbox, Google Drive and more bring with them a wide range of different benefits that can't be ignored. Not only do they allow you to quickly share large files between two points, but they also make it easier than ever to increase both productivity and mobility at the same time. However, did you also know that these types of file sharing services could end up costing your business money? Though they're efficient methods of file sharing, they are hardly the most secure. The simple act of using them at all may put you at odds with industry rules and regulations regarding digital security, or worse - HIPAA.

    File Sharing and HIPAA

    A healthcare facility in Massachusetts recently found themselves on the receiving end of a series of HIPPA violations due to insecure file sharing practices. This ended up costing the facility an astounding $218,400 in settlements alone.

    Sending to the Wrong Person

    One of the major reasons why HIPAA is so strict regarding Dropbox or Google file sharing has to do with user error. The likelihood of accidentally sending a file to the wrong person is incredibly high, which could potentially put that information at risk and allow it to fall into the wrong hand.

    Malicious Insiders

    Another reason why Dropbox or Google file sharing is woefully insecure for modern day business safety has to do with how easy it is for an existing employee to harm both your employees and your customers. It would take a mere seconds for an employee to access a file with sensitive information and forward it to anyone they want, allowing it to escape the confines of your corporate firewall where it would at least be protected to a certain degree.

    Lost or Stolen Equipment

    Additionally, all a person needs to log into Dropbox or Google file sharing is a username and password. If an employee should lose his or her laptop computer or mobile device, whoever finds it suddenly has access to all of your important business files.

    Instead of putting your business at risk for hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements from HIPAA violations alone, consider a worthy alternative for your modern needs: Secure FTP. Secure FTP is a file sharing option that is designed to allow you to enjoy all of the benefits and none of the dangers of these practices. It's still easier than ever to share large files, but you can deny permission based on things like IP addresses, specific users, geographical location and more. FTP also uses transport layer security (encryption), meaning that data cannot be accessed by the wrong person even if it is intercepted during transit.

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