August 11, 2021

    Drive Mapping: Everything You Need to Know

    On more than one occasion, our clients have asked if it’s possible to map files directly to a computer drive from the FTP Today application, whether that be The FTP Cloud or the GOVFTP Cloud. The process of this is called ‘drive mapping’ throughout the industry, and it is simple to accomplish. Today, we’re going to walk you through how drive mapping works, options for drive mapping, and finally, how to do so with FTP Today. 

    What is Drive Mapping? 

    In essence, drive mapping is a shortcut to a shared folder. Without drive mapping, a user downloads a file in the traditional way: by saving it to a local folder. With drive mapping, you’re adding a drive letter to your local system that maps directly to a remote server, such as an SFTP server. The files are automatically moved/copied to the appropriate folder without any extra work on the side of the user. 

    If you’re mapping a drive to your file transfer provider, you’re essentially mapping your remote home directory to Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac). In Explorer, this shows up as a drive letter, and in Finder it shows up as remote connections in your Locations list. This allows a user to directly access files stored in FTP Cloud or GOVFTP Cloud directly from their computer desktop. If you’ve shared this mapped drive with members of your team, they’ll also be able to access the files directly from their desktop.

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    Options for Drive Mapping

    There are several different drive mapping options out there today, and we’ll review each one of them. There are three primary methods of drive mapping: 

    1. Some applications have drive mapping built-in.

    2. An application may be licensed to you by your file transfer service provider; usually a WEBDAV client.

    3. An application such as WebDrive can connect via SFTP with your login credentials. 

    Then, there are desktop clients used for SFTP / FTPS transfers such as FileZilla Pro, WinSCP, or WS_FTP Pro. These applications have the added functionality of keeping a desktop drive in sync with your FTP Today instance if setup properly. Therefore, there is no need to map a drive letter.

    But, if you prefer mapping a drive, there are applications specifically meant for drive mapping such as WebDrive. WebDrive would be considered middleware – it’s software that acts as a bridge between applications. What is great about applications such as WebDrive is that it allows you to connect to services like FTP Today using the SFTP protocol. You can get started in a few simple steps:

    1. Download the application 
    2. Start the application 
    3. Set up a new connection and connection type (SFTP) 
    4. Setup additional configurations 

    There is a one-time cost associated with tools like WebDrive of an FTP client supporting automation, but they are generally under $50. 


    Drive Mapping is a powerful tool for an organization to quickly share information to the correct members without calendar reminders to do so. It saves time and improves organizational efficiency by virtually ending the wait time for files to arrive. As soon as the file has been uploaded to the shared drive, all appropriate team members have access. As for the downsides, it’s important that you audit the user access to the shared drives in the same way you audit access to your FTP Today folder structure. Allowing and disallowing access is a key principle to enterprise security and file management.  

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