August 25, 2021

    FTP Today Partnership with Carahsoft for GOVFTP Cloud

    In a press release last year, Carahsoft announced FTP Today has joined the Carahsoft Cloud Purchasing Program (CPP). The program is for government contractors who rely on CarahPoints to purchase the software and tools necessary to run their business. Continue reading to find out what this could mean for you!

    What is the Carahsoft Cloud Purchasing Program?

    Carahsoft’s Cloud Purchasing Program (CPP) offers a flexible way to acquire cloud products and services from either a single or multiple vendors in the form of CarahPoints. 

    CPP provides a flexible and cost-effective option to redeem CarahPoints for cloud products and services through a single SKU while paying for what is used or consumed. Whether you are making smaller, transactional purchases or larger, strategically planned investments, the program can fit your needs.  

    This is important to companies and government entities because all vendors in the CPP program have already negotiated terms. For an organization who might many different vendors, this makes the procurement process simpler as they are not negotiating unique terms with each vendor. FTP Today can work directly with government organizations who require specific GSA schedule contracts, SEWP Contracts, State & Local, Education, or Cooperate Contracts. The list of FTP Today’s available contract vehicles through CPP is located here. 

    Did You Know?

    FTP Today just launched a new feature - an API!
    Check out our blog post What is an API (Application Programmable Interface)? The Basics & Benefits to learn more!

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    FTP Today’s Plans Available on CPP

    We’ve made all FTP Today GOVFTP Cloud plans available through the Carahsoft CPP. This includes:

    We have also partnered with Carahsoft to offer a 30-day free trial of GOVFTP Ultimate specifically through the CPP because we want you to experience how easy and secure transferring your sensitive information can be.


    For government entities and organizations who are already using CarahPoints for cloud purchasing, FTP Today’s is now even easier to procure as the secure and compliant way to exchange sensitive data between government agencies and their contractors or between contractors and their subcontractors.  Data is encrypted in flight and at rest, so whether you are moving to the cloud or simply want to securely exchange files with agencies and contractors, GOVFTP is a secure and affordable solution.  

    See GOVFTP in Action!

    Are you in the market for a secure file sharing software or switching providers? Let our experts customize a walk-through based on your business needs. Your demo will also give you the opportunity for personalized Q&A and to learn about exclusive discounts.

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