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    Brendon, Sharetru's CRO & VP of Sales, brings diverse industry experience, excelling in GCP & AWS infrastructure certifications.

    File Sharing Best Practices

    Top 10 FTP Hosting Features & Benefits to Look for in 2024

    FTP servers empower users to download and upload needed files and information... Read More
    File Sharing Best Practices

    Comparison: Buy vs. Rent an FTP Server

    Organizations that regularly handle, store and share sensitive information... Read More
    Cyber and Data Security

    FTP Today Partnership with Carahsoft for GOVFTP Cloud

    In a press release last year, Carahsoft announced FTP Today has joined the... Read More
    File Sharing Best Practices

    Drive Mapping: Everything You Need to Know

    On more than one occasion, our clients have asked if it’s possible to map files... Read More
    File Sharing Best Practices

    What is an API (Application Programmable Interface)?

    Recently, FTP Today launched a new feature as part of our platform called an... Read More
    File Sharing Best Practices

    Single Sign-On (SSO): What Is It and How Does It Work?

    In recent years, Sharetru has received many questions from our customer base... Read More
    Secure File Sharing

    Exploring File Sharing Solutions: Free Trials Offered

    Are you looking for a secure FTP hosting option  or a file sharing solution... Read More
    Cyber and Data Security

    GOVFTP Cloud vs. Microsoft GCC: File Transfer Comparison

    You might be asking yourself, “why are collaboration platforms competing with ... Read More
    Healthcare Compliance

    The Impact of COVID-19 on Secure File Transfer in Healthcare

    COVID-19 has impacted every industry and person, especially those involved in... Read More