March 28, 2018

    8 Ways Successful Businesses Increase Efficiency with Online File Sharing

    Over the last few decades, the internet has changed how people work. In the past, employees sat in their cubicles or offices working independently. But, with the internet and cloud solutions of today, businesses can facilitate increased productivity and collaboration.

    Your file sharing options have kept up with these advances, as well. That’s why online file sharing solutions are gaining traction in industries like healthcare, government, finance, law, engineering, and more. Now, you can choose an online sharing solution that enhances the way your employees work, regardless of what industry you’re in.

    Explore these eight ways online file sharing solutions impact daily operations and improve your business productivity.


    1. Secure Storage

    A data breach could pose a huge threat to your business and to your productivity. Not only does it take time to identify and address a breach, you could also be wrapped up in reporting the breach and dealing with noncompliance consequences for months. The fallout from a data breach could have a major impact on your business productivity.


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    When you have a secure online file storage solution, you don’t have to worry about password compromises or digital theft. You avoid these distractions with secure online file storage, and you can return your attention to your other business responsibilities.


    2. Secure Access Controls

    When it comes to dealing with sensitive data, you don’t want to waste time trying to manually manage who is able to access which files. With an industry-best online file sharing solution, you can set granular access controls for each folder by user.

    With these secure access controls, you can determine who can view, download, upload, and delete files. Instead of setting access controls for every single document, a top online file sharing solution like FTP Today allows you to determine access controls settings for entire folders, with a single click. You’re better able to protect your files, and you can easily establish the secure access settings that are best for your business.


    3. Increased Flexibility and Communication

    With an online file sharing solution, you’re no longer tied to your desk to access your file storage folder. Instead, you can simply access crucial data anywhere on any device. This increases your flexibility and enables more agile work environment.

    An online solution facilitates smooth, secure communication practices, as well. With an online file sharing solution, you can easily share documents both internally and with third-party users, like your clients. You can also share expiring links with users. Because these links expire after a predetermined amount of time, you don’t have to sacrifice convenient communication because you worry that unintended parties might access data in the future.


    4. Streamlined, Live Collaboration

    One of the greatest benefits of online file sharing solution is the capability for live collaboration on documents. You and other users can work together on documents with ease, instead of sending multiple versions back and forth via email.

    And, you don’t have to worry about losing previous versions of a document. Many top online file sharing solutions have a “track changes” option to help you record what changes were made by which collaborator. These capabilities streamline your collaboration efforts and increase your productivity, while removing the limitations of past processes.


    5. Single Platform Reliance

    In the past, you may have been used to switching between multiple platforms and solutions when you were working. Now, you can use a single platform to perform all your required tasks.

    Think about collaborating on a document. In the past, you first had to edit the document on a word processing software, send the document via email, receive an updated copy from a collaborator, return to your word processing software to edit again, and then upload the final document to your internal server. This involved so many steps, and that was just one round of edits!

    Now, you can perform all those functions from a single platform – your online file sharing solution. You can edit, send, and store the documents you’re working on, all without leaving file sharing solution.


    6. Improved Project Management

    Online file sharing solutions enable easier and more effective project management, as well. With a cloud solution, you have greater insight into the progress of a project. You can simply log into the solution and see the status of any document or folder, what updates have been made, and who is currently working on it. With the right file sharing solution, your projects will be completed in the most efficient manner possible.


    7. Simplified Compliance

    Do compliance mandates like HIPAA, ITAR, or SOX apply to your business? If so, you likely spend a lot of time navigating these strict standards and making sure your business aligns with them. When you fail to comply with these standards, you could face fines, jail time, loss of business, or damage to your reputation.

    Fortunately, top online file sharing solution, like FTP Today, have built-in features to support compliance, like granular access controls and matchless security measures. These solutions make it easier for you to meet requirements outlined by HIPAA or ITAR, and you can return your attention and efforts to managing other aspects of your business.


    8. Remote Work Capabilities

    Finally, one of the greatest benefits of online file sharing solutions is that they enable your employees to work remotely. Today, 50% of U.S. workers have a job that’s compatible with remote work, and about 20-25% say they work remotely during some of the time. This is why more and more businesses are looking for ways to provide employees with the option to work remote, without sacrificing security in the process.

    With a secure online file sharing solution, you don’t have to worry about remote work leading to security vulnerabilities. You can enable your employees to work from their own homes and trust that even your most sensitive data will remain protected.

    When you have a top online file sharing solution facilitating your business processes, you’ll be able to increase your productivity, while still maintaining the highest security standards. Choose a top file sharing solution for your data storage and transfer needs. When you do, you’re sure to see the positive impact in daily business operations.


    Do you want to learn more about the benefits of online file sharing? Download this guide on the risks of consumer file sharing, and how the right solution helps you mitigate those risks.

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