August 22, 2013

    Ways To Securely Encrypt Your Files In The Cloud

    The cloud has become a convenient place to back up, store and share files, but you should hesitate before uploading that sensitive data, whether you’re using Dropbox, Google Drive or any other cloud service. Sure, your files may be encrypted in transit and on the cloud provider’s servers, but the cloud storage company can decrypt them — and anyone that gets access to your account can view the files. Client-side encryption is an essential way to protect your important data without giving up on cloud storage.

    Encryption does add some complexity, however. You can’t view the files in the cloud storage service’s web interface or easily share them. You’ll need your encryption tool to decrypt and access your files.

    Encryption is ideal for sensitive files, but you don’t have to encrypt everything. Be sure to use a strong passphrase when setting up encryption, too.

    Here are some great encryption tools to get your started.


    Martin Horan

    Martin, Sharetru's Founder, brings deep expertise in secure file transfer and IT, driving market niche success through quality IT services.

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