August 9, 2023

    Sharetru: A Smart Solution for HIPAA-Compliant File Sharing

    In today's digital age, the healthcare industry is constantly looking for ways to streamline their workflows and improve patient care. One of the biggest challenges that healthcare providers face is the secure sharing of sensitive patient information which is referred to as Protected Health Information (PHI), or Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). With the rise of cyber threats and data breaches, it is more important than ever to ensure patient information is protected and kept confidential. This is where Sharetru comes in - a HIPAA-compliant file-sharing platform that offers a secure and efficient way to share PHI and ePHI.

    What is HIPAA?

    HIPAA isn't new. It stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which was passed in 1996 to protect the privacy and security of patient information. However, it's been updated several times as the healthcare industry has also changed. HIPAA sets national standards for the protection of patient health information and requires healthcare providers to implement certain safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient information.

    Why is HIPAA compliance important?

    HIPAA compliance is important for several reasons. First and foremost, it protects the privacy, security, and access of patient information. Patients trust healthcare providers with their most sensitive information, and it is the responsibility of healthcare providers to ensure that this information is kept confidential. Failure to comply with HIPAA regulations can result in hefty fines, legal action, and damage to a healthcare provider's reputation.

    Download our Complete Guide to Technical Safeguards for HIPAA Compliance to get an in-depth look into regulations.

    How does Sharetru help ensure HIPAA compliance?

    Sharetru has been assisting companies in their protection of HIPAA data for almost 2 decades, and is designed with healthcare providers in mind by building an offering with numerous controls to help an organization fully comply with HIPAA regulations. You can see a table of these controls in the Technical Safeguards for HIPAA Compliance guide. The platform is build to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI).

    Business Associate Agreement (BAA) 

    Sharetru offers a ready-to-go BAA that has been meticulously vetted to meet all HIPAA requirements. This BAA ensures that healthcare organizations, regardless of their size, can achieve the same level of protection. The BAA defines responsibilities, sets expectations, and outlines how business associates will safeguard patient data. Sharetru's confidence in our security measures is evident as we provide this BAA at an affordable cost, ensuring a seamless path to HIPAA-compliant file sharing.

    Secure File Sharing to Protect from Threats

    Sharetru uses end-to-end encryption to protect patient information during transit and at rest. This means that ePHI is encrypted before it leaves the sender's device and is only decrypted when it reaches the intended recipient. This ensures that patient information is protected from unauthorized access, interception, and theft.

    Access Controls Built for Flexibility

    Sharetru allows healthcare providers to set access controls for each file that is shared. This means that healthcare providers can control who has access to PHI and can revoke access at any time. Sharetru also offers password protection for ePHI files shared through links, which adds an extra layer of security to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to patient information.

    Audit Trails for Admin and File Logs

    Sharetru maintains detailed audit trails for all file-sharing activity. This means that healthcare providers can track who has accessed patient information when it was accessed, and for what purpose. This helps healthcare providers identify potential security breaches and take appropriate action to prevent further unauthorized access.

    User Authentication to stop Unauthorized Access

    Sharetru requires user authentication for all file-sharing activity. This means that healthcare providers must log in to their accounts and authenticate their identity before they can access patient information, or enter a password controlled by the administrator if they are sharing a file through a guest file sharing link. Sharetru also offers two-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of security to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to patient information.

    Secure data centers for HIPAA Data

    Sharetru's Advanced Security and Compliance Platform keeps all ePHI in secure production and disaster recovery data centers that are compliant with HIPAA regulations and help organizations meet the business continuity requirements of HIPAA. Sharetru also uses industry-standard security measures (Infrastructure, Platform, and Software all are SOC 2 Type II Certified) to protect patient information from unauthorized access, theft, and data breaches. 

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    5 Benefits of using Sharetru for HIPAA-compliant file sharing

    There are several benefits to using Sharetru for HIPAA-compliant file sharing. Here are some of the most popular.


    Sharetru provides a host of secure features that meet the compliance requirements for HIPAA, meaning healthcare providers can avoid costly fines and legal action for non-compliance. Sharetru also offers regular security updates and compliance reviews to ensure that healthcare providers are always up-to-date with the latest security measures.

    Enhanced Security

    Sharetru offers end-to-end encryption, intrusion detection systems (HIDS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), virus and malware protection, access controls, audit trails, user authentication, and secure storage to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient information. This means that healthcare providers can share patient information with confidence, knowing that it is protected from unauthorized access, interception, and theft.

    Improved Efficiency

    Sharetru streamlines several administrative processes through it's automation features. Additionally, your team can use automated file transfer protocols and scripting to make sure files are sent and received in a timely and efficient manner. This means that healthcare providers can share patient information quickly and efficiently, which improves patient care and reduces administrative burden.

    Potential Cost Savings

    HIPAA compliance is expensive. Sharetru offers a compliant file transfer service at a cost-effective price, and when it comes to software this is rare. Because it's cloud-based, it eliminates the need for your organization to procure expensive hardware and platforms for secure file sharing because we've already done it. This means that healthcare providers can save money on IT infrastructure and focus on providing quality patient care by using Sharetru to transfer files across systems and teams.

    What's Next?

    Sharetru is a great option for any organization trying to meet the demands of HIPAA-compliant file sharing. With its multiple methods for secure file sharing, flexible access controls, permanent audit logs, user authentication controls, and secure storage, Sharetru offers healthcare providers a secure and efficient way to share patient information. By using Sharetru, healthcare providers can improve patient care, enhance security, save costs, and ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations.

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