April 25, 2018

    How to Choose the Best File Sharing Solutions for Enterprises

    Enterprises have very different requirements for file sharing solutions than small businesses do. You’ll have hundreds, maybe even thousands of users logged into your solution each day. It’s vital you choose a solution that promotes file sharing best practices for your users and can withstand the massive data storage demands many enterprises face.

    If you’re looking for a file sharing solution for your company, where do you start? There are so many options on the market, but only a few are designed to support the needs of a large enterprise. Explore these four questions you should ask in your search for an enterprise file sharing solution to ensure you’re making the right choice.


    Does this Solution Have the Essential Security Features?

    Security is an important factor for any enterprise to consider before choosing a file sharing solution. As you shop for a solution, look for the following security measures:

    • Granular Access Controls – With an enterprise file sharing solution, there will be a lot of people logging in and accessing the server. So, it’s important that you have control over the specific files each user has access to.
    • Data Encryption – Whether your data is in transit or at-rest, it needs to be encrypted. This keeps hackers from being able to access files.
    • IP Address Controls – While it’s convenient for your users to access your enterprise file sharing solution from anywhere across the globe, you want to be sure that’s limited to only approved users, from approved IP addresses.
    • Multi-Factor Authentication – Even if someone has the right password, that doesn't mean they’re the approved user. Multi-factor authentication uses other methods like codes sent to phones or additional security questions to verify your users’ identities.

    Your customers have trusted your enterprise with their sensitive data, and you need to do everything in your power to keep that data from being compromised. With these security measures you can be sure the enterprise file sharing solution is doing the security work for you.


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    5 Essentials for File Sharing Software


    Does it Move Quickly and Efficiently?

    Your enterprise doesn’t have time to slow down to accommodate a new file sharing solution. So, it’s important that you choose an enterprise file sharing solution that enables you to work quickly and efficiently. When comparing options, it is important to determine which one will really allow you to do so.

    Here are a few features to look for to ensure your productivity is enhanced, not impeded.

    • Unlimited Users – Depending on the enterprise file sharing solution you choose, there’s a chance you might not have unlimited users or you may be paying a seat license for every user.
    • Unlimited File Size – In a large company dealing with a lot of data, you probably need to share exceptionally large files. Breaking up files into different transmissions can lead to loss of data or human error, so this isn’t a great option for enterprises. Choose a solution that does not limit the size of files you can send.
    • Unlimited File Sharing – Sometimes, employees in your enterprise need to share files with parties outside your organization, like customers or vendors. Sending expiring links is the best way to maintain data security. You need an enterprise file sharing solution that allows you to send an unlimited number of links to outside parties. This ensures you’re maintaining productivity and keeping your data secure.


    Will Our Enterprise Avoid Compliance Issues?

    Before you choose an enterprise file sharing solution, you need to think carefully about your company’s compliance requirements. Choosing a solution that doesn’t meet the security standards of your enterprise's compliance requirements could put you at risk. A noncompliance violation could come with a large fine, damage to your enterprise’s reputation, or even jail time. These are risks that many enterprises can't afford to face.

    Look for an enterprise file sharing solution that features built-in compliance measure to align with the following standards:

    • HIPAA – Protecting electronic data is crucial for any company dealing with patient health information.
    • ITAR – If you’re a government contractor, you need to look for an enterprise solution that helps you maintain alignment with mandates to keep data out of the hands of international parties.
    • PCI-DSS – You’ve probably seen news stories recently about compromised card payment information. Make sure you’re choosing an enterprise file sharing solution that keeps your customers’ payment information secure.

    Top enterprise file sharing solutions like FTP Today have compliance measures built into their solutions. With FTP Today, you can rest easy knowing that the security their solution provides meets and, in many cases, exceeds these compliance standards.


    Does this Solution Have a Dedicated Server Option?

    When it comes to enterprise file sharing, not every company has the same needs. Does your company need a dedicated server to hold all of your files? A dedicated server could be the best solution for your business if you need significantly more than 250 GB of storage. If having your own CPU, memory, or bandwidth resources all sound like appealing features, look for a host to accommodate those needs, while still providing you with a top file sharing solution.

    The best part of having a dedicated server is that you still have all the benefits of an in-house solution without all the equipment, implementation, and ongoing maintenance costs. Your FTP service provider is responsible for everything, and you avoid large expenses.

    If you find solution that allows you to answer “yes” to these questions, you’ve found the right solution for your enterprise. Research all your options carefully, and keep these crucial questions in mind. With the right enterprise file sharing solution, you’ll rest easy knowing your customers’ data is secure.

    Want more tips on choosing the best enterprise file sharing solution? Download this free guide now.

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