October 7, 2015

    Admin 201: Popular Features of Sharetru Explained

    In a recent online workshop titled "Admin 201: Advanced Features of Sharetru," representatives from secure file sharing solutions provider Sharetru went over some of the more detailed functionality inherent in the service and discussed the finer benefits of secure B2B file sharing.

    4 Popular Features of Sharetru


    One of the topics of discussion was the ease at which the Sharetru Web interface could be branded with a particular company logo, allowing for both a deeper level of customization and to add an air of familiarity to the platform for users within an organization.

    Users who wish to experiment with branding capabilities can do so by going to the "Site Settings" tab in the Sharetru Control Panel and then clicking on the "Branding" icon. In addition to a company logo, the color scheme can also be changed to give it a more personal feel.

    Email Notifications

    The next topic of discussion for the webinar had to do with the ease at which email notifications could be set up. Administrators can easily set up email notifications based on certain criteria like whenever a new file is uploaded or downloaded within a specific directory, by a specific user, and more.

    Email notification (Alert) functionality can be accessed from multiple touch points within the Sharetru Control Panel, depending on what activity will trigger the alert. Alerts can be tied to user accounts upon creation, particular workspaces (both individual and shared) and more depending on their preferences. There is no limit to how many email addresses can be notified in the case of each individual alert.

    It was also noted that in a future release, Email Notifications will become part of a new Events module that will include additional types of events that can be triggered by certain activity.

    File Retention Controls

    The webinar then moved on to discuss the auto deletion of files, which is one of the many ways that automation can streamline the maintenance process of workspaces with Sharetru. This module essentially allows administrators to have the system purge files based on age (since upload).

    First, from the Workspaces tab, it was shown how to setup the default auto-delete setting for the entire FTP site via the Workspace Options icon. Then, individual workspaces can have custom overrides. To do so, admins can click the Manage Workspace (magnifying glass) icon next to any workspace. Clicking "Edit Workspace" will provide access to the auto-delete setting. Normally, each workspace is configured to "Use Site Setting" (the site default). It is a simple matter to override the setting and give the edited workspace its own auto-delete parameter. For example, the site default may be “Never” and an individual workspace may have an auto-delete setting of 1, 7 or 30 days.

    Depending on the particular setting for each individual workspace, files will then be automatically deleted after a particular number of days in any workspace that they choose. This occurs in a daily process that runs each night.

    Deleting Empty Folders or Workspaces

    There is another Workspace Option to include empty folders on auto-delete. It was explained that this only involved the deletion of empty sub-folders and not the parent workspaces. Deleting a workspace (and all its contents) might be necessary from time to time, for example after a particular project has been completed or after a particular employee has left the company. Workspaces themselves must be manually deleted.

    From the control panel, select the "Workspaces" tab at the top of the screen. Click the Manage Workspace (magnifying glass) icon next to the workspace that you want to delete and select the "Delete" button. Click inside the "Confirm Delete" check box on screen to accomplish exactly that. Finally, click the "OK" button to permanently remove the workspace from your Sharetru deployment. Any workspace can be deleted by administrators at any time.

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