April 7, 2016

    How Much Does a Small Business FTP Site Cost?

    Are you looking for a better way to store and share files? Perhaps you need improved security measures to ensure your data is protected. An FTP site could be the solution to your problems. However, if you’re a small business owner, you must also consider the cost of adopting this type of solution. Learn more about what an FTP site is, how much you should expect to pay for this solution, and the factors that could impact solution cost.


    What is an FTP Site?

    To understand what an FTP site is and the value of this type of solution, let’s first look at some file sharing-related challenges small businesses face. Do your employees often send files using their email accounts, or by putting large files on a device (like a USB drive)? These practices can lead to lost or stolen files, which can put your company at risk.

    Whether you’re running a small operation that needs to protect critical data or your small business is rapidly growing and you need a way to better share and organize files, an FTP site could bring immense value to your business. An FTP site is online file storage solution enabling you to organize your files in a single location, and share these files via the internet with intended recipients.


    Why Should You Choose an FTP Site?

    FTP sites add uniformity and reliability to the file sharing process. Instead of attaching a file to an email, companies are often searching for more secure and reliable ways to share files. This is where a reputable FTP site host comes in.

    FTP sites are often hosted by FTP experts. You don’t have to manage, service, or maintain your FTP site. The host does all of this work for you. So, the FTP host provides the site, and you use it to better control your file sharing processes. Also, by using a hosted FTP site, you can share large files in a single transfer, instead of breaking up important files into multiple transfers as you attempt to share via email.

    These solutions aren’t just for large enterprises, either. When you choose a hosted FTP site, you can have anywhere from two user accounts to a thousand user accounts. This means no matter the size of your organization, an FTP site could be right for you.

    FTP sites also have a focus on security, with top hosted solutions having numerous secure features in place. Think about the data you work with – card payment information, sensitive client material, healthcare data, personal employee information, etc. These types of sensitive data make up a digital treasure trove for hackers, and hackers’ efforts are becoming more sophisticated than ever. In fact, you may even be subject to compliance regulations that mandate how you must keep sensitive data secure. To protect your files, you need sophisticated security measures that are best provided by an FTP site host.


    FTP Today Cloud Prices

    While all of the benefits of using a secure file sharing solution may be appealing, many small business owners may be hesitant to adopt a new solution due to concerns about price. Fortunately, there are a number of affordable file sharing solution pricing options designed to accommodate small businesses.

    FTP Today, for example, has six different subscription options from which companies can choose. Two of these options in particular could be right for small and growing businesses:

    • Small Office ($50 per month) - Provides companies with 1 GB of storage and 10 user accounts.
    • Custom Business - ($100+ per month) - Provides companies with 10 GB of storage and 25 user accounts. (More storage and user accounts can be added at additional costs.)

    Direct Factors That Affect the Cost of an FTP Site

    As mentioned above, there are some factors that can impact how much you pay each month to use an FTP site. Here are some of the factors that impact cost:


    Number of Users

    You need a file sharing solution that will accommodate the number of users on your team who will need to use the solution. Not everyone in your organization may need access to the FTP site, but before you choose a solution, you should identify the employees that will be frequently using it.

    With the Small Office plan, you receive 10 user accounts. This is ideal for small businesses or departments that need to share files. The Custom Business plan has a little more flexibility. The base plan offers 25 users accounts, but you have the option to add an additional 25 users for $25 per month or have unlimited users for $75 per month. This option can be tailored to meet your needs, regardless of the size of your business.



    You might be running a small operation, but you could be handling massive amounts of data. The amount of storage you need in an FTP site can impact how much you will be required to spend each month.

    If you don’t share large files and only need a minimal amount of storage, the Small Office plan can accommodate your needs with 1 GB of storage. Like the number of users, you can add storage to the Customer Business plan. The plan starts with 10 GB, but you can add 10 GB for an additional $25 per month.


    Site-Level Features

    Site-level features include some key security measures, like data encryption, IP address restrictions, and country access restrictions. A top FTP site host like FTP Today offers these security measures for all their plans. You’ll also benefit from other site-level features like compatibility with numerous protocols (FTP, FTPeS, FTPS, and SFTP) and using links to share files.

    However, there are some key site-level features that you won’t have access to with the Small Office plan. If you would like a custom domain, matching SSL certificate, and branded web UI, the Custom Business option is the better fit for your business.


    User-Level features

    FTP sites have a number of user-level features that maintain the integrity of your file sharing solution. Multiple user roles, password authentication, and SSH key authentication (SFTP) also act to verify that users accessing the site are who they claim to be and using the solution in an approved manner.

    You may be interested in a greater level of security when it comes to user access for your solution. With the Custom Business plan, you have the option to add three key user-level features for additional fees. Multi-factor authentication can be added for $15 per month, password enforcement can be added for $10 per month, and user IP and protocol restrictions can be added for $15 per month. Each of these additional features can provide another layer of security to your FTP site.


    Folder-Level Features

    Your folder structure and features are key when it comes to keeping your files organized and ensuring data is used appropriately. Flexible directory structure, limited folder views per user, and granular user permissions are three features offered by the Small Office plan to help your administrators successfully manage how files are used.

    With the Custom Business plan, you can have two additional features, each at $10 per month. Email notifications can alert you when files are uploaded, downloaded, or deleted. You’ll also be notified when you are approaching the storage threshold, so you know when to purge unused files. File retention controls are another folder-level feature you can add. With this feature, you can automate how long files are stored, creating specific settings for each individual folder.


    Activity-Level Features

    Both the Small Office plan and the Custom Business plan offer two essential activity-level features: on-demand reports and detailed audit log archive. These features help you to track who is accessing files and what is occurring once files are accessed. The log archive is an especially beneficial feature for internal and external auditing purposes.

    An additional activity-level feature you can add on with the Custom Business plan is inactive user suspension. This enables you to suspend user accounts based on a calendar date or the number of days the account has been inactive, a convenient tool for security purposes.

    When determining whether or not your company can afford the subscription fee for an FTP site, consider the return on your investment. You will avoid costly security breaches and potentially steep noncompliance fines if you’re subject to such regulations. Plus, an FTP site will help you regulate how files are shared, reducing time spent looking for files or on non-uniform methods for file sharing.

    Ultimately, using an FTP site in your business will help you better protect and manage your files. You’ll have access to high-quality security and usability measures, for a minimal cost each month. And, you have the power to choose the subscription that’s right for your needs, adding features as you see fit.


    Learn more about your FTP site options, and how FTP Today holds up against its competition. Download this free comparison guide now.

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