June 23, 2015

    6 Types of Organizations that Need Dedicated FTP

    Dedicated ftpAs file sizes have gotten larger and network connections have gotten faster, it is only natural that file sharing in general has become a more and more important way of doing business in the digital age. Instead of making countless hard copies of documents or sharing files on physical media like CDs or flash drives, you can click a few quick buttons and make a file accessible to anyone inside or outside your organization at a moment's notice. The issue is that if you use the wrong technology, you're potentially exposing those files to harm. There are a few key types of organizations that absolutely need to embrace dedicated FTP for all file sharing needs.

    Dedicated FTP and High Tech

    As the high tech industry is already perceived to be on the cutting edge of technology in general, it makes sense that they would be among the first to embrace FTP as a file sharing concept. Working from home is more and more common in high tech, for example, which is something that dedicated FTP can definitely help with thanks to features like blocking specific IP addresses or even blocking a range of IP addresses based on country.

    The Medical Industry

    Many people fail to realize that the medical industry is one of the most targeted for cyber threats, which is why dedicated FTP is so important. It uses a complicated type of encryption that not only makes sure patient records and other files will be secure once they're uploaded to the server (while “at rest”), but also while they're in transit.

    The Legal Industry

    The legal industry is another that can significantly benefit from the security features that FTP has to offer. A file can be uploaded once and an administrator can pick and choose who has access to it and who doesn't. Only legal professionals who are working on a particular case can have access to certain files, for example, while those files are unavailable to everyone else.

    The Manufacturing Industry

    The manufacturing industry sees a huge amount of data movement occur on a daily basis, which is why FTP is so important. For example, with much manufacturing now outsourced to places like China, detailed product drawings and specifications can be easily shared across the globe. Branding and packaging graphic files are other examples.

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    The Wholesale Distribution Industry

    Because of the way that dedicated FTP naturally integrates with mobile technology, any file can now be easily accessible from any location on the warehouse floor.

    The Financial Industry 

    One of the major benefits of dedicated FTP to the banking and finance industries has to do with the way it can be used for compliance purposes. It is naturally compliant with all federal rules and regulations and is also constantly being updated at the same time to guarantee the same level of protection moving forward.

    When you begin to see the major benefits that FTP brings with it, you'll wonder how you and your team members were ever able to get along without it. If you're in the high tech, medical, legal, manufacturing, wholesale distribution or financial industries, FTP will not only increase productivity but will guarantee security at the same time.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Dedicated FTP has a host of security features that will help keep your files safe in a digital environment.
    • It is also one of the most efficient ways to share files with specific people either inside or outside the organization.

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