August 13, 2015

    FTP File Sharing Features that Keep Companies Productive and Protected

    4 FTP File Sharing Features that Will Keep Your Company Productive and Protected  The decision to switch to FTP for all of your file sharing needs brings with it a wide range of different benefits that can't be ignored.

    Not only will FTP allow you to enjoy the massive boost of productivity that digital file sharing brings to the table, but it also includes a wide range of features that will keep your virtual information protected at the same time.

    There are four key FTP file sharing features in particular that you'll definitely want to learn more about.

    Multiple User Interfaces

    One of the key ways that FTP file sharing helps to keep your company productive and protective involves the multiple user interfaces that you can utilize depending on your goals. Accessing your FTP server is incredibly efficient and can be accomplished from any device with a Web browser and an active Internet connection - no specific software other than that is required. FTP can also be naturally integrated with other software tools that you may use on a regular basis, for example, for the purposes of automating secure file transfers like those related to order processing or other B2B file synchonizations.

    Multiple Network Protocols

    FTP is also natively compatible with a wide range of different network protocols like HTTPS, FTPES, FTPS, SFTP, SCP and more. You can therefore integrate your FTP solution with many compatible digital platforms, giving you and your business partners a level of complete flexibility and protection that naturally integrates itself into your existing work flows.

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    Site-Level Access Controls

    Site-level access controls also go a long way towards giving you a superior level of protection. You can block access to your FTP server based on country of origin, for example. You can also restrict the use of certain protocols that are active at the site-level. perhaps to enforce encrypted FTPS on standard FTP port 21. A few FTP providers like FTP Today may also include advanced intrusion detection and prevention, protecting you from disaster before it can even strike.

    User-Level Access Controls

    FTP file sharing allows you to create private and shared folders and also gives you the ability to create unique sets of permissions per user for each folder. Not every user will have access to all files on the server - you could create unique user-level access controls based on the department a person works in, the client that specific employees are working with and more to help provide access to those who need it and improve security regarding those who don't. With a provider like FTP Today, you might even be able to specify a user's remote IP address and what protocol they must use, thereby creating multi-factor authentication.

    These are just a few of the many FTP file sharing features that make it such an attractive option for businesses of all types. In today's modern environment, you need to be able to share information online in order to survive. It allows employees to remain productive from any location on the planet with an Internet connection, but it also allows that information to be protected at the same time. FTP file sharing features gives you the peace of mind that only comes with knowing that you can literally accomplish everything that you need to in the digital space without the threat of a data breach.

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    Martin Horan

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