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    Unlock a new level of efficiency and peace of mind with our secure file transfer software, empowering you to confidently share and automate transfers of confidential files with clients and colleagues, knowing that every transfer is encrypted, monitored, and backed by our robust security features. Try it for 14 days, risk-free.

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    Advanced Security
    & Compliance Platform

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    $200/ month

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    Dive into unmatched security and peace of mind, tailor-made for industries with confidentiality at their core.

    • SOC 2 Type II IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
    • StateRAMP Certifed
    • HIPAA/HITECH Compliant
    • GDPR Compliant
    • FERPA Compliant
    • FedRAMP Moderate Authorized IaaS & PaaS
    • NIST 800-171 Compliant
    • DFARS Compliant
    • CMMC 2.0 Compliant
    • ITAR / EAR Compliant

    Standard Security Platform

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    $120/ month

    (Annual Discounts Available)

    Built for organizations who take security seriously, but have minimal compliance needs.

    • SOC 2 Type II IaaS and PaaS
    • ISO 27001 IaaS and PaaS
    • PCI-DSS Compliant Datacenter
    • FIPS 140-2 Encryption

    In the bustling digital world, trust isn't just a word; it's currency.

    We're here to be your steadfast partner. Dive into our features, updates, and pricing tiers, and you'll see a clear reflection of our commitment: to prioritize you, always.


    Choosing Sharetru isn't just a decision; it's an investment in value. Engage with us, and witness the tangible results and undeniable worth we bring to your table, every single time.


    At Sharetru, we're not just about today. We're about tomorrow, the next day, and the years to come. You're not just buying a service; you're becoming part of a success-driven team.


    Sharetru prioritizes you. Your data is never sold, shared, or even viewed. This isn't 2005.

    Unmatched Value

    Invest in features that outperform and deliver fast value and results for security and compliance.


    Grow with a partner that anticipates and evolves for you whether that's with our features or compliance enablement.

    Cut Through the Chaos:
    Your files, Secured and Compliant

    Optimize operations with a file transfer and file sharing solution with native FTP, SFTP, and FTPS integration and a robust WebApp that keeps you ahead of internal requirements and compliance curves

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    Standard Security

    Perfect for businesses that crave simplicity: effortlessly transfer files via FTP, FTPS, SFTP, or a robust HTTPS web application without getting bogged down in heavy-duty security controls.

    • Protect Proprietary Information
    • Daily backups
    • High Availability Private Cloud
    • Enterprise Level Features

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    / month

    Data Protection Icons Full Color (39)

    Advanced Security & Compliance

    Crafted for businesses that won't compromise: robust security frameworks ensure your proprietary data—and that of your customers—stays locked down tight.

    • Protect Critical Data & CUI
    • Virus and Malware Protection
    • IPS and HIDS Protection
    • Disaster Recovery
    • HIPAA BAA Available
    • GDPR DPA Available

    Starting at


    / month

    Top industry giants: They're putting their trust in us every single day

    Leaders in File Transfer for Almost 25 Years

    From bustling enterprises and rising startups to government bodies and nonprofits, we’ve got your back, no matter your size or security appetite.

    • Benchmark FIPS 140-2 Encryption end-to-end
    • Negotiable ToS on the Enterprise Plan
    • Best-in-Class Support NPS scores
    • 99.99% Uptime SLA
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    Quotes From Our Valued Partners

    Andy Hagen Headshot

    Easy Auditing

    For us as an aersopace and defense contractor it's a very easy to use tool for us to share data with customers. We needed a portal that meets our strict security compliance. The auditing and reporting features are nice in the event we need to leverage that data.

    Andy Hagen | Manager of Information Technology

    Armando Montalvo Headshot

    Protection for CUI

    ...Sharetru's intuitive interface and advanced security measures, such as encryption and access controls, enable seamless file sharing and collaboration while fortifying the safeguarding of valuable information while adhering to DDTC guidelines. With Sharetru as our trusted ally, we've significantly improved efficiency and security, reaching new heights in data protection and user satisfaction for our employees and clients.


    Armando Montalvo | Information Security & Compliance Manager


    Cost Effective

    The US has some of the most challenging regulations to satisfy and I've been able to ensure global compliance for my organization utilizing Sharetru's Advanced Security and Compliance Platform, without breaking the bank!

    Mike Clarence | Operations Security Manager

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Why should I outsource File Transfer Services?

    Choosing a MFTaaS like Sharetru offers distinct advantages over hosting your own server. With Sharetru, you benefit from optimal bandwidth for multiple connections without the exorbitant costs. Our servers boast redundant internet connections, eliminating single points of failure you might encounter with an in-house server. Hosting your own solution means you're in charge of the entire file transfer supply chain from top to bottom. In addition, you might expose your network to security risks and potential hacker attacks. Additionally, Sharetru servers are specialized for high-performance file transfers, whereas an in-house solution could be spread thin serving multiple purposes. Managing your own server can bring about substantial costs, ranging from dedicated internet circuits, software maintenance, to allocating resources and personnel for server management. Moreover, in-house file transfer can monopolize bandwidth, slowing down other internet activities like browsing and email.

    Can I get a copy of your SOC 2 Report?

    If you're interested in obtaining a copy of our SOC 2 Report or that of our Datacenter Partner, it's a straightforward process. All you need to do is open a support ticket with our team, specifying your request. Once we receive your ticket, we will promptly review it and provide you with the necessary report. This approach ensures that we maintain the confidentiality and security of our data while providing transparency to our valued clients and partners. Your security and trust are paramount to us, and we're here to provide any documentation you need to feel confident in our services.

    How long does it really take to set up Sharetru?

    We know that software solutions can sometimes be difficult to setup. That's why we have dedicated customer success team members to assist you with onboarding, training, and be there with you every step of the way. Every company is different but there are best practices we can assist with while also bringing in resources from multiple departments to help you configure it correctly for high adoption. The 14 day free trial can roll directly into your subscription, too, so you won't lose your work!

    Hard drives are cheap. Why isn't your storage?

    At Sharetru, we provide you with unlimited bandwidth transfer monthly at no extra charge, recognizing that our customers heavily utilize this resource, making it our primary operational expense. While many FTP sites frequently refresh their data storage – some daily or even multiple times a day – remember, every file transfer essentially happens twice: once for uploading and once for downloading, directly impacting our operational costs. Also, only some hard drives are cheap. Unlike services that rely on more affordable storage solutions or cheap cloud object storage, we pride ourselves on using high-performance drives. Our RAID arrays are designed to replicate every byte across several drives, ensuring maximum reliability and facilitating swift recovery from any drive failures. Lastly, every file you store on our FTP site gets backed up, with a minimum of 7 days of backup retained. This means we're essentially storing several times more than what you see on the FTP server itself.

    What is Managed File Transfer as a Service?

    Managed File Transfer as a Service (MFTaaS) is a file transfer site on the internet to store files for delivery to other persons or applications where the service provider manages the platform, provides support, and new feature releases. You receive an application where a person uploads (copies) the files from their computer to the site, then the other person downloads (copies) the files from the file transfer site to their computer. Either person can then delete the files from the site if the permissions allow.

    Will my users need a desktop client?

    Your users are not forced to purchase or install any FTP client software. Sharetru provides a WebApp as part of the hosted FTP service. However, should your users prefer to use a third-party FTP client software tool, they will find that your FTP site from Sharetru is fully compatible with almost all of them. More information on compatibility and some recommendations can be found here.

    How fast and reliable is the Sharetru network?

    Using the latest advanced routing protocols, Sharetru's network allows your data to travel over the optimal path to reach its destination. Instead of making your data wander around, we find the best and fastest route for it. Think of it like having VIP passes to the internet's major highways, thanks to our connections with the big players out there. What does this mean for you? A super-speedy, sturdy, and safe connection from your place to your customers'. And trust us, we're always on the lookout for the next big thing to make sure we keep giving you the fastest and most reliable service possible!

    Do you offer a free trial? How does it work?

    Yes, we offer 14-day free trials for both our Growth and Performance plans directly through our checkout form. Enterprise plans are on a dedicated virtual machine that requires a custom build, so we don't offer a free trial on this plan. If you are interested in our Enterprise offering but would like to try us first, then we recommend starting a trial on our Performance plan. The free trial site becomes a live, paid subscription automatically. We do this because many of our customers decide early in the trial that our platform is the right fit, and this allows them to keep the configurations from the trial period.

    Are there any setup fees?

    When you sign up with Sharetru, we believe in starting our relationship on the right foot. One of the ways we ensure this is by eliminating any initial barriers or hidden costs. That's why we're proud to say there are absolutely no setup fees attached to our services. We want to make the onboarding process as smooth and welcoming as possible, allowing you to focus on leveraging our services rather than worrying about upfront costs. At Sharetru, transparency and customer satisfaction take the front seat from the very beginning

    Do you provide 24x7 support?

    At Sharetru, we prioritize seamless communication with our support team by offering an online ticketing system, a comprehensive knowledge base, and a corporate contact number available to you and all your end users. Instead of outsourcing our technical support abroad just to claim round-the-clock availability, our proficient team is on-hand during work hours that effectively span all U.S. time zones. Should there be any after-hours emergencies, like verified server outages, we've got you covered with a messaging system linked to our toll-free number, ensuring a senior support technician can assist you anytime, any day of the year.

    What is unlimited transfer or unlimited bandwidth?

    Often, 'transfer' and 'bandwidth' are terms that get used interchangeably, even by us on our pricing page because it's the industry standard. To be precise, 'transfer' refers to bandwidth usage, or the amount of data your FTP site uploads and downloads monthly. While some providers might cap this or charge extra once you exceed a certain limit, and others claim to offer “unlimited” usage but might penalize excessive consumption, Sharetru genuinely offers unlimited monthly bandwidth transfer. On the other hand, 'bandwidth' denotes the speed of this transfer, think of it as the “size of the pipe” or its maximum flow rate. At Sharetru, each site can tap into a robust 1 Gigabit of bandwidth at our gateway firewall, and all our internal ethernet connections match this speed.

    Are there any file size limitations?

    Sharetru servers come without any file size restrictions. This means you can upload as large a file as you want, with the only constraint being the remaining space on your chosen plan's storage capacity. That said, a heads-up: sometimes, it's the browsers that play the spoiler. Some of them might have their own file size limitations, so you might want to check that out before you start your a large HTTPS upload. If it is a large file, we recommend using SFTP instead.


    Why Sharetru?

    From compliance enablement to responsive customer support, encryption and data retention, audits and reporting, we've got you covered. But don't just take our word for it. Schedule your demo today and see our platform in action.