October 18, 2016

    FTP Solutions vs. Web Hosting: Why the Distinction Matters

    The FTP host solution that you choose to power your business gives you a lot more than just the ability to send and receive files between two points. It gives you the flexibility you need to continue to grow and evolve as an organization. It gives you the peace-of-mind that only comes with knowing all of your industry-specific security concerns are taken care of - or at least, it should.

    When it comes time to choose the FTP host solution that will empower you with productivity, profitability, scalability and beyond, there are a number of key reasons you must be aware of regarding why a Web hosting company might NOT fit the bill.

    Jack of All Trades, Master of None

    One of the major reasons why a Web hosting company is the wrong choice for your FTP host solution is because by and large, they don't have the resources that they can devote to FTP that a dedicated hosting provider will. A Web hosting provider has to be a jack of all trades to remain competitive - essentially, they have to offer you as many features as possible in order to stand out from the rest of the pack.

    Unfortunately, this often means that how deep the functionality of certain features can go tends to suffer or lack the support you truly need. In terms of your secure file sharing solution like FTP, this is one compromise you absolutely do NOT want to make.

    They Don’t Offer FTPS, SFTP or Web File Sharing

    While it is certainly possible to get by using a standard web hosting company for multi-user logins via FTP (unencrypted and insecure), there is simply no web hosting system that has the necessary software and security features to support multi-user SFTP or FTPS. At best, SFTP is allowed for only one user account -- the site administrator. Supporting only FTP makes using a web host a poor choice all the way around.

    In addition, they don’t have file sharing features on their HTTPS interface. The web host servers are designed for publishing your web pages and nothing more. Finding an open source plugin to create a basic file sharing system might be possible, but you are on your own to both install it and manage it.

    They're Not Built With Your Industry In Mind

    Another one of the major reasons why a Web hosting company is the wrong choice for your FTP host solution has to do with the types of rules and regulations that your industry must follow. Many people don't realize that while FTP in general is a great first step towards remaining compliant with things like HIPAA, GLBA, ITAR, SOX and more, just using the technology isn't enough to get the job done.

    An FTP host solution must include certain security provisions like at-rest or in-transit encryption that are required by rules like HIPAA and a Web hosting company won't be able to get this particular job done as well as a dedicated FTP host solution can.

    Not to say that no single Web hosting company will be able to provide you with the level of care, dedication, service and security that you need. But by and large, a dedicated FTP host solution like FTP Today will always be the better choice over a Web hosting company that also happens to offer FTP functionality within its standard control panel of open-source applications.

    In the end, your FTP host solution is one of the single best lines of defense you have between your organization and the type of cyber attack that could bring even the strongest business to its knees. To find out more about the types of risks that you're up against (and to learn exactly what steps you have to take to protect yourself, your business and your customers), download the free eBook 20 Statistics You Should Know About Internal File Sharing Threats today. Have additional questions? Comment below!


    Martin Horan

    Martin, Sharetru's Founder, brings deep expertise in secure file transfer and IT, driving market niche success through quality IT services.

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