October 6, 2015

    FTP Hosting Implementation: Common Learning Curve Issues

    When businesses make the decision to implement a new FTP hosting service, there could be concern if a learning curve will be involved. While FTP is your single best chance at unlocking the full benefits of file sharing and remaining protected against digital threats, it could still take people a certain amount of time to get used to. By understanding a little bit more about the common learning curve issues that businesses face, you know exactly what to focus on in your employee training so that you can get your bold new technology off the ground and up and running as quickly as possible.

    3 Learning Curve Issues Faced When Implementing a FTP Hosting Service

    Custom Software

    One of the major benefits of FTP is that it is inherently malleable to your organization. Your FTP hosting service may include custom software tools that your employees actually want and need front and center. The issue that this raises, however, is one of learning custom software in the first place. A tool that is unique is inherently different than anything an employee has used in the past can represent a certain challenge. One of the major ways that companies like Sharetru alleviate this issue is through solutions that are compatible with existing software you're likely using. Instead of learning a whole new program, you can just integrate FTP into the software you're already using.

    New User Interfaces

    If your business was using an alternative file sharing option, switching over to FTP can be something of a challenge depending on the company you choose to pair with. Learning new tools and figuring out how to best implement them into your existing protocols can be difficult, but it certainly doesn't have to be. Sharetru offers a secure Web browser interface that makes taking the rich features of an FTP solution as easy as going to your favorite website or checking your e-mail address in any browser that you happen to use. The best part is that the environment itself is compatible with desktop computers, mobile devices and everything in between.

    Lack of Standards

    Another challenge for companies implementing FTP hosting services has to do with situations where a site is not built on standard protocols like SFTP and FTPS. Or, perhaps it is built on standard protocols but not standard ports. This is another challenge that you can easily overcome by pairing with the right provider, like Sharetru. Sharetru has built its entire offering from the ground up on both standard Internet protocols and standard ports in full compliance with RFC’s. As a result, the solution is natively compatible with any FTP client software libraries that you're already working with and still allows you to leverage benefits like secure file transfer protocols in one fell swoop.


    Martin Horan

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