August 23, 2017

    How To Choose The Best File Sharing Solution

    Have you been putting off a much needed upgrade to your file sharing solution? Or perhaps, your company doesn’t have a file sharing solution at all and you’re in desperate need of one. Many companies procrastinate adopting a new solution, because they dread the process of implementing a new system and interrupting their productivity.

    However, selecting a new file sharing solution doesn’t have to be this painful. You just have to know the right steps to take when evaluating a solution. When you make the right selection, the best file sharing solution aligns with your company’s current operations and could enable you to achieve your future business goals.

    Explore the following actions you should take to ensure you’re selecting the best file sharing solution for your business’ needs.

    1. Learn the Types of File Sharing Software Out There

    It’s wise to start your search for the best file sharing solution with research. With so many options on the market, it’s hard to identify which option would be the correct fit for your company. Learn what the most common file sharing solutions companies trust, and compare the different options.

    Two key types of file sharing solutions are FTP and SFTP.

    • FTP (file transfer protocol) - Hosted FTP solutions enable users to access files on a server from anywhere, on any device connected to the internet. It supports large file transfers, one of the greatest benefits of this type of file sharing solution.
    • SFTP (SSH file transfer protocol) - SFTP is designed for secure file transfers, running on a single encrypted channel. This solution is ideal for companies that need to protect highly sensitive data from cyber attacks and security breaches.

    When you consider carefully the type of data you want to protect, you’ll have greater insight into what the best file sharing solution is for your company.


    2. Know the Key Features Needed for File Sharing

    Selecting and adopting any new software is an investment of both your company’s time and resources. Because these systems are integral to your operations, you want to verify that you’re selecting an option that has all the features your employees need to maintain their productivity.

    Start your feature-evaluation process by identifying your priorities for your next file sharing solution. Do you need a solution that’s cloud-based to enable remote work for your employees? Security is another area that you should carefully consider. What security features should a solution have?

    Once you’ve outlined these priorities, you can compare them with the features of different solutions to identify the best file sharing solution for your employees.

    3. Utilize a Free Trial to Learn the Software

    Before purchasing a car, you would test drive it. This trial is to guarantee you’re comfortable with how the car drives and that it’s suitable for your needs. You should treat your selection of a file sharing solution the same way. Take advantage of any opportunity you have to try out a new system before you invest in it.

    If possible, you should participate in free trials for all of your options to ensure you select the best file sharing solution for your needs. You will have a better understanding the solutions’ features and interface, and you can compare different solutions to identify which option you believe would streamline your team’s file sharing operations.

    4. Ensure the Plans/Tiers Align with Your Business

    Businesses varying in size have different file sharing needs. A small business might need a cloud-based file sharing solution that only supports a handful of users and clients. Large businesses, on the other hand, need enterprise solutions, supporting unlimited users and storing vast amounts of data.

    Consider your needs carefully, before selecting the best file sharing solution for your company. Think about aspects of the solution like number of users supported and the amount of available storage space before making your decision.

    And, since your business won’t be the same size forever, you need a solution that’s scalable to fit your needs both now and as your business changes. For example, a startup might need a solution that supports a dozen users now, but in five years, they might need to scale their solution to support hundreds of users. The best file sharing solution is flexible enough to meet the needs of your business now and in the future.

    5. Be Aware of Potential Issues

    Sometimes, the greatest impediments to productivity are the unexpected ones. However, when you’re aware of potential issues that could arise from adopting a new file sharing solution, you can prepare for them.

    Keep potential impacts to productivity in mind. Three common issues include:

    • Delayed solution implementation - With any new software adoption, on-time implementation is a concern. After selecting the best file sharing solution for your company, you want it up and running as quickly as possible. Talk to your FTP vendor about establishing a timeline, so deployment doesn’t get off schedule.
    • Productivity decreases due to untrained users - When your employees don’t know how to use a new file sharing solution to support their daily work functions, downtime is inevitable. You can mitigate this downtime by providing adequate training and informative tutorials for users needing to navigate the new file sharing solution.
    • Absence of a file sharing security policy - File sharing security is a major concern for many companies and the clients they serve. Without an effective file sharing security policy in place, it’s difficult to maintain security standards. The adoption of a new file sharing solution is a smart time to implement and communicate a new security policy.

    When you anticipate potential issues, you’re able to prepare for them. Consider these common issues and take steps to prevent them.

    Selecting the best file sharing solution doesn’t have to be hard. Invest your time and energy into finding the right file sharing solution before you make your decision. When you do the work upfront, you’re on track to have a smooth implementation.


    Martin Horan

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