November 17, 2022

    FTP Today has Rebranded to Sharetru

    Today is an important milestone in the history of our company. We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to bring to life a new brand our employees and partners can be proud to work for and with. When we first launched in 2001, FTP and SFTP were synonymous with file transfer; as they were the only protocols used to upload and download files. So at the time, it made perfect sense for us to choose the name FTP Today.

    Here are a few fun throwbacks to show how different the world looked when we chose our first name:

    • AOL announced that it had over 28 million members, and was the most popular website
    • The price of gas hovered around $1.35 per gallon
    • George W. Bush was sworn in as President of the United States
    • The iPod (first generation) launched just in time for Christmas

    Today, the industry we helped create is dramatically different — and the platform we've continued to develop and support over the past two decades is as well. It’s time our trademark catches up to the features our customers (and future customers) are demanding. Without further ado, we would like to introduce our new brand mark:


    Sharetru Logos_Primary Light BG


    Below, you’ll find some FAQ’s to further your understanding of our name change:

    Why Sharetru?

    The word “share” better reflects the modern aspects of our platform and the Enterprise File Sharing industry we compete in. We provide far more to our customers than FTP and SFTP compatibility; we offer features like sending and receiving files through guest file-sharing links, a web application for transferring files over HTTPS, an API, and tools for process automation.

    “Tru” speaks to truth, honesty, accuracy, sincerity, and being a strong, trusted partner of our customers.

    Combined, you get Sharetru. This trademark best reflects our vision and aspirations.

    Has FTP Today (now Sharetru) been acquired?

    No, we have not been acquired. We are the same company and have the same, growing team today as we had yesterday. Our corporate name is still “FTP Today, Inc.”, but now we are “FTP Today Inc. dba Sharetru."

    Is your accounts payable information different?

    The accounts payable information remains the same. The primary name on our bank account is still “FTP Today, Inc.,” though you can also make checks payable to Sharetru or FTP Today.

    Does my support change?

    How we support you is not changing, but how you contact support is. Our support URL is now, but the old URL will redirect you to the new support page. When contacting us through email, we would prefer that you address those communications to . We will continue to accept email at our email addresses for a while, to make sure no communication goes unreceived.

    Does the way I contact Sharetru change?

    Our corporate phone numbers remain the same. You can find those here. If you communicate directly with any Sharetru employee, their email will now end with instead of As with support, any communications addressed to the old email domain will end up in the same inbox as before.

    Do I have to change my plan?

    Although we’ve launched new plans today (you'll find current offerings on our pricing page), we are not requiring you to change your plan at this time. Just know that any add-ons you may request, such as additional storage, and any other upgrades or downgrades will require moving to a current offering.

    Do I have to change my domain name on your service?

    Every subdomain of and will continue to operate with the original domain. Naturally, all new accounts will choose a subdomain of We are certainly open to changing your subdomain to if you prefer the new branding.

    Are you still providing the security controls to cover our compliance requirements?

    Yes, you can trust that we have your back as it pertains to security and compliance enablement.

    What changes should I look for in the web application?

    We hope you’ve noticed our web application has been going through some fantastic usability improvements over the past few months and we will continue improving the UI moving forward. You’ll notice our new Sharetru logomark replacing our old logomark (blue folders), and some new color choices reflected inside the web application branding. That’s about it.

    Are there any technical changes I should be aware of such as our IP address, SSL certificate, or URL?

    If you are a current customer, your IP address, SSL certificate, and URL will stay the same. The subdomain ( or can optionally be changed to end in If you are a new customer, a wildcard SSL certificate covers the entire domain. If you use your own custom domain, there is no change, and we will continue to renew your custom SSL certificate annually.

    Martin Horan

    Martin, Sharetru's Founder, brings deep expertise in secure file transfer and IT, driving market niche success through quality IT services.

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