March 24, 2022

    ExaVault Alternative

    The search for a secure file-sharing solution can lead you all over the internet. As moving to the cloud and SaaS applications have grown in importance in the 21st century, so has the ecosystem of Managed File Transfer and online FTP providers and other services that can help with safe, secure file storage and sharing. and ExaVault are two of the providers you may come across, along with FTP Today. However, the ecosystem has become a little smaller as just announced that it has acquired ExaVault. This indicates that significant changes are coming over the next 12 months with regard to ExaVault’s application and to its customers, including being migrated to’s application and pricing. This may leave many of ExaVault’s customers looking for ExaVault alternatives.

    Why? Because ExaVault has historically been the low-cost provider in the FTP ecosystem while has historically been at the other end of the spectrum. Like FTP Today, ExaVault has historically offered at least one plan with flat-rate pricing for unlimited users, while now offers only a seat-based licensing model ($$ per user, per month) with additional add-ons that can cost an organization significantly more than they have been paying with ExaVault.

    In contrast, FTP Today has embraced the flat-rate pricing model for more than 20 years. Our goal by offering multiple unlimited user plans is to make our relationship as congenial as possible, and remove the worry of an annual user budget that might leave your organization in limbo. For example, 100 users at is likely going to cost you $1,500 per month (perhaps more depending on your level of subscription). When an organization partners with FTP Today, they receive all of our current features and any features under development — with UNLIMITED users – for as little as $300 per month.

    In the merger announcement, ExaVault lists several benefits of migrating to FTP Today already offers these mentioned features as part of our SaaS platform:

    • SOC-2 compliance (GOVFTP platform in scope)
    • Encryption at rest
    • 3 types of MFA
    • IP restrictions per user
    • Advanced password controls
    • Granular permissions capabilities
    • Full custom domains, with custom SSL certificates and dedicated IP address
    • Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) supporting all major SSO providers
    • HIPAA compliance with BAA
    • User-facing clickwrap agreements

    These are features that ExaVault customers currently do not have but gaining access to them through could come with a substantial cost increase. But you can have all the above at FTP Today for one flat monthly rate on our Ultimate plan.


    5 Differentiators with FTP Today

    At FTP Today, we are your best option among ExaVault alternatives if you’re seeking a secure, compliant, reliable, and cost-effective file transfer platform. We provide a range of services and pricing plans so that your organization can get the best file storage and sharing platform for its unique needs. Here’s a look at 5 things that make FTP Today your best ExaVault alternative.

    1. Compliance

    Some organizations may need a reasonably secure file storage and sharing tool to simply share files with business partners by means other than email. SFTP provides that secure method for automating file transfers. But others may need a secure file storage and sharing tool that also complies with government and industry regulations. For example, a defense contractor working with the United States government will need to comply with certain cybersecurity-related regulations.

    Neither ExaVault nor provides a solution for government-level compliance frameworks, while compliant file sharing is core to FTP Today’s offerings. FTP Today recently completed its own SOC 2 audit at the SaaS level, and its partners are fully certified at the IaaS and PaaS levels. In addition to SOC 2, FTP Today’s PaaS and IaaS level partners are also FedRAMP authorized so defense contractors, aerospace companies and government contractors of all sizes have the assurances they need regarding compliance.

    No matter why you need to comply with regulations, and no matter what type of business arrangement you’re entering with the government or another entity, FTP Today can provide file storage and sharing that helps you achieve compliance. In fact, as noted above, FTP Today helps customers meet compliance regulations that are far more numerous than as well as ExaVault.

    2. Qualys Score

    If you work in the cybersecurity industry, you’re likely familiar with Qualys Severity Scores. In short, Qualys Severity Scores provide each vulnerability in your system with a severity score that’s calculated based on the risk involved if someone exploited the vulnerability. At FTP Today, we make Qualys Severity Scores available to our users and have an A+ rating. ExaVault gets a B grade. To be fair, also has an A+ rating.

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    3. Unlimited Transactions and Bandwidth Usage

    When you look at different ExaVault pricing plans, you’ll find that each includes a limit on daily transactions. Transactions in the FTP space are uploads or downloads to the server, also known as bandwidth usage. If your organization is doing a lot of file sharing internally and externally, you may find that you regularly run up against your usage limits.

    At FTP Today, we have no transaction limits or bandwidth usage limits in place. Smaller organizations with limited file sharing needs can upload and/or download a few files a day, and larger organizations with intensive file sharing needs can upload and/or download an unlimited amount of files a day.

    4. Expandable Storage on All Plans

    It’s possible your organization needs more file storage capacity at certain times of year or during certain events. For example, a large law firm might need more file storage capacity as it prepares to go to trial. Or an organization might have a requirement to hold storage for multiple years. Similarly, a defense contractor might need additional storage when working on new government contract.

    FTP Today users can expand their file storage on all plans as needed by paying a small additional fee for the additional space. This simple approach to expanded storage makes it easier for your organization to scale its file storage as needed without paying for additional features you might not utilize with a forced upgrade to a different plan. On ExaVault’s two lower-level plans, not only are daily transactions limited, but you’re unable to add storage as needed — without a full upgrade to a pricing plan that offers expandable, fee-based storage.

    5. IP Restrictions

    To limit access to your sensitive files and data, you can use IP restrictions through FTP Today. These IP restrictions empower you to limit access on an address-by-address basis, or you can limit a range of IP addresses for any protocol for a user. IP restrictions can also function as a secondary method of authentication for FTP transfers.

    IP restriction rules are easy to create, customize and implement through the FTP Today dashboard. ExaVault does not allow users to create IP restrictions.

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    FTP Today: Your Strategic Partner

    Some organizations may need simple file storage and sharing with limited security. Others will need a more advanced solution for their sensitive files and data, which means finding a security-focused provider like FTP Today.

    FTP Today serves as more than just a file-sharing service for our clients. We act as a strategic partner that offers a range of storage and sharing solutions, plus compliance with many of the commonly used cybersecurity standards and frameworks.

    As a strategic partner, we offer multiple forms of payment. This is a different approach than ExaVault, which offers only credit card as a payment option. At FTP Today, we allow our clients to tie a purchase order (PO) to their payment method, which is more aligned with enterprise procurement processes. Additionally, we are happy to negotiate term lengths, net payment days, and flexible terms based on enterprise needs and spend.

    Interested in seeing FTP Today in action? Contact us today for a brief demo and a chance to ask questions about secure file sharing and storage for your organization.

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