November 26, 2015

    Compare Pricing for the Top FTP Hosting Providers

    Before you choose which FTP hosting provider to give your business to, price is always one of the most important factors to look at. As a business owner, you're likely always looking for new ways to reduce costs without sacrificing things like quality and productivity at the same time. As you begin pricing FTP hosting providers, however, it's important not to lose track of the larger context around the issue. You don't just want to find the cheapest provider - you always want to find the provider who offers you the most value for your money in terms of what your primary file sharing and hosting needs actually are.

    Top FTP Hosting Provider Price Comparison


    Say for a moment that the most important feature of an FTP hosting provider for your business is encryption. You're looking for a company that can, above all else, make sure that all files are properly protected while they're both being uploaded and downloaded from the server. If you were a Smart File customer, you would pay $100 per month for that feature. If you switched over to Sharetru, on the other hand, you could slash that number in half and pay just $50 for the exact same functionality.

    Domain and Branding

    How much do you think you would have to pay to be able to point your own domain to your FTP hosting service? Or, maybe all you care about is having your logo appear on the web file transfer pages? After all, these elements are important - they help with integration and seriously decrease the learning curve that you can expect from employees and customers as they get acquainted to a new service. For ExaVault customers, you would pay $200 per month. If you were a Brick FTP or Smart File customer you would pay $99 or $100, respectively. Sharetru customers get complete domain name and branding on plans starting at just $60.

    Unlimited User Accounts

    The ability to create unlimited user accounts is hugely beneficial because you really never know how large your business will grow over time. You need an FTP file hosting provider that can grow with you, but you shouldn't have to pay through the nose for that "benefit." If you were a Smart File customer, however, you absolutely would - an account with the ability to create an unlimited number of user accounts will run your business $500 per month. Sharetru customers, on the other hand, can create as many user accounts as they want for between $140 and $250. You get the same flexibility and versatility but don't have to worry about breaking the proverbial piggy bank to pay for it.


    Martin Horan

    Martin, Sharetru's Founder, brings deep expertise in secure file transfer and IT, driving market niche success through quality IT services.

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